Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Thought about RALLIES

well regarding the two rallies being held twice this month..
i think to congrats to Hindraf and Bersih. If the protest was aimed at fighting oppression, fighting poverty, fighting injustice, keeping peace, then well done because you have successfully proven the total opposite and have shown to yourself why there are oppression and injustice among you all if that scenario even exists in the first place.

You bring violence, you bring terror, you waste your time and money demonstrating on the streets, causing harm and risk of injury to public, wasting the resources placed for building, you destroy.

As much as I will agree nothing is totally fair and just, there are reasons why an individual is treated unfairly and it is because you yourself acted in a way which invites people to treat you so. Despite oppression and abuse, inviduals rise up and be a better person striving to get better treatment. You fight to be better person to be treated better, NOT fight to be a lousier person and expect to be treated better.

It is either the leaders of this protest who is unimaginably smart to brainwashed protestors, or it might be the protestors are just too stupid to know what is good and bad. Either way, its just another stupid act inviting more discrimination towards yourself. So congratulations...well what's ur say?


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