Tuesday, November 27, 2007



This corrupted, coward and vicious Malaysian government is so afraid of ordinary people especially from the working class, expressing their discontent through democratic rights and means, that includes through peaceful protests. The main ruling party UMNO’s elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who professed falsely to be devoted Islamic followers have indeed hijacked the religion so as to be barbaric, uncivilized and abusers of human rights! Being a Malay myself, I’ve only contempt for this elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who actually manipulate racial-religious capitalist ideology of “Ketuanan Melayu” i.e. Malay-Islamic racial-religious (male) supremacy. To brainwash the (imaginary) united Malay/Islamic communities especially from the mostly brainwashed Malay/Islamic masses, to go on supporting them uncritically despite of these leaders’ betrayal to the whole Malay civilization and Islamic religion! And ashamedly, despite of my high education but due to my ignorance and uncritical consciousness and activism, I myself fell into the trap of such brainwashing strategy of defending such ideological racial-religious supremacy out of a sense of false loyalty and patriotism almost my whole life (Thus this is why we need to learn and educate ourselves with critical-thinking education throughout our whole life in order to be a true human being).
Thus, the whole Malaysian (and hopefully, global) communities should move towards true socialist politics based on true Marxism - see www.marxism.com (not pseudo ones like Maoism, Stalinism, Pol Pot-ism and so on), to fight for true social justice for the poor and oppressed from any background, ABOVE race, religion, gender and nation-hood. That’s where loyalty & patriotism should be for - that is for true social justice consciousness and activism that encompass true equality, true freedom and other universal & secular-based fundamental human rights principles.
Hopefully, the opposition parties in Malaysia such as the Hindu-based new party HINDRAF, despite of its good intentions, will also move away from such divisive racial-religious politics towards such socialist one; in order to fight for the oppressed and poor Indian communities. And to fight against the real enemy - the corrupted & greedy criminals from the ruling elite & capitalist class, be it from UMNO, MCA, MIC & so on, although UMNO leaders are the main and most deceitful culprits. That is what & where the opposition parties in Malaysia should be moving towards, in the new era of Malaysian politics, based fundamentally on true social justice consciousness and activism especially for the poor & oppressed from all backgrounds; and for the preservation of our natural environment. And hopefully, where opposition parties globally also need to be heading towards, especially against the extremely corrupted and vicious “Third World” governments and ruling elite/capitalist class.don't you agree


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