Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Samy turns sad enough not to be angry???

together we unite power rangers of indian community..!!!

SEREMBAN: MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said he was “deeply saddened but not angry” with the Hindu Rights’ Action Force (Hindraf) for organising Sunday's illegal rally.

Samy Vellu said Hindraf could have taken a better approach to air its grievances and should not have accused the MIC of failing the Indian community.

“They must follow the law. In this country, we are very open ... I have never seen a government which is more open.

“The Prime Minister (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) has never shut his eyes or ears to their plight ... but they should have abided by the law,” he said to reporters after opening the RM1.3 million SJK (T) Ladang Seremban in Sg Gadut near here.

Hindraf defied a court order to go ahead with the illegal rally of thousands that was dispersed by police using tear gas and water cannons.

During the incident, 241 people were arrested but of those, 105 were released after their statements were recorded.

Samy Vellu said that although he had offered to meet Hindraf leaders after they forwarded a memorandum to the Prime Minister weeks before the rally, they had refused to meet him.

“I told them that I was prepared to see them but I was told that they wished to deal directly with Umno. So what can the MIC do?” he said adding that Hindraf leaders submitted a one-page memo to the Prime Minister about the community's problems over the past 50 years.

Asked if there was merit in Hindraf’s demands, Samy Vellu said problems should be discussed within the system.

“When we discuss among ourselves, we can quarrel as much as we want. But why must we raise our displeasure outside the system?” he asked.

On comments by newly-formed Malaysian Indian United Party president Datuk Nalla Karuppan that the party would work with the Barisan Nasional, Samy Vellu said anyone could do this.

“Working is one thing but getting into the Barisan is a different thing.

“Like I have always said, there will only be one party representing the Indian community in the Barisan and that is the MIC,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Petaling Jaya, MIC deputy president Datuk G. Palanivel said the party would not gamble on the future of the Indian community by urging them to take their grievances to the streets.

He said this was because a large majority of Malaysian Indians depended on the Government for the community’s development.

“We believe we cannot achieve much by going to the streets.

“The cause you struggle for should not only be justified but must be pursued through legitimate means,” he said in a press statement.

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well what can i say..serves to be sad..yerla..his men in Armour are being in confusion over who they should trust?if i am the leader i will investigate
their claims..well isn't he of indian origin?? maybe he kacukan la..well cross breed with another race non indian..malay nolaa..


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