Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We are not racist, says Hindraf

well what do we have here?how's the good guys?

KLANG: The Hindu Rights Action Force has denied allegations that the gathering on Sunday was politically motivated or that it was racist.
Its secretary V.K. Regu said Hindraf's objective was to express grievances of the Indian community.

He said the movement was not aligned or affiliated to any political party but welcomed support from anyone, whether from Barisan Nasional or the opposition.

Regu said Hindraf had exhausted all avenues to highlight the plight of Indians.

On the gathering, he said more than 100 people were injured due to the use of tear gas and water cannon by the police.
"We are now compiling the list and photographs of those injured."

On why Hindraf leaders did not submit the memorandum on Sunday despite the police offer to let them do so, he said it was "a trap set by police".

"They had a court order forbidding us to be near the British High Commission and if we went near the place, we would have been arrested."

Regu also refuted claims that those gathered there were gangsters, saying those who came represented a cross-section of the Indian community.

well i can't comment la..on this it's up to you to decide..
hey im on the neutral side you know..your opinions?


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