Monday, March 24, 2008

TRUTH of BN CRiSIS in Terengganu

MB madness
by ahmad ulwan

in an fulfilling end to a 41 days stand off,the office of his higness sultan terengganu annouced that Kijal assemblymen Datuk ahmad Said will be the new Menteri Besar instead to the outgoing Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh It is schedueled for today(Sunday) at 10am malaysian time but possibly boycotted by 21 loyal assemblymen to Idris Jusoh.It will possibly cause a clash of palace authorites with state democracy as PAk Lah endorsed Idris's reappointment but because of strained relationship of Idris with The palace autorities and Sultan himsel.Idris risked being kicked out by Sultan as Sultan only hear advices by state goverment but can choose who he wants.
In contrast to that.the 21 state Bn assemblymen excluded Kijal assemblymen datuk Ahmad Said who is being appointed the Menteri besar himself wants to boycott the swearing-in ceremony and even wants to resign in protest!So maybe we will see some by election after this Crisis!!Good news for Pas and KEadilan as Sultan's decision is always final and can't be removed!!BYE2 idris and Bn in Terengganu..On the possibility of BN being touted as an act of revolt and disrespect got state palace officials,state UMNO liason secretary datuk Rosol Wahid said Idris received the letter of appointment from pak lah himself and Bn believe they represent the people as representives from people in the recent election and have their rights(??).
Ahmad is being instructed to obey Pak Lah's Command and not go the upcoming swearing-in ceremony or face the action(??).Bn will pass a no-vote confidenceat the state legistative assembly to voice their protest against Sultan's authority.
So now they are helding so-called meetings between the ASSEMBLYMEN,REGENCY ADVISORY COUNCIL AND PAK no possible ending touted here guys but just another couple of days or weeks of excitement form Terengganu Kito!!Datuk Idris must be heart-brokened by now as he is pushed out not by the people of terengganu but the state Sultan himself.Must be one heck pas supporter himself...DAtuk ahmad Said of the sultan's choice or Datuk idris Jusoh of UMNO's choice but no chemistry with his state sultan.How to work if no chemistry between sultan the highest authority with the state goverment lead by a bad looking and unpleasent guy to sultan(Idris )..Well I tell BN just put the sock into it and respect the sultan coz no peace if all no ngam and chemistry matter's to no avail..


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