Tuesday, May 27, 2008

well from he blog
she said about school children being so sexy and ill educated contributing to the vast social ills nowaday..
well she said the transparent dress cause guys to feel like a beast and have sex with them..
Well i say it's the guys fault on being so animal and not controlling his inner desires..
being a devil doesn't help this cause as some

manchester united supporters.
hehe well i think this is just a personal thing on her worries about her own children.
well please don't take this to national level and make our nation a laughing stock as ISLAM doesn't use pressure and force to implement it's teaching.moreover on wearing some jo
bes and
well we sure aren't like this thai girls who simply use it's strength to woe so
me beauty inside.
take this as sometime you have to shout for not theese innocent girls doing nothing and just
hijabs like the middle east states.well it is so hot here i don't want that to happen and if it involves PE training
makes it more worse..
seeing pleasure inside them makes me sick of stupid guys and Munirah who blames the girls
on it if sometime happens.
have a thought and think about everyone before
giving an opinion.?


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