Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim..Future leader..

Anwar as we know doesn't learn in critical subjeks when in universiti days..
yaah no phsyics,chemistry,doctor the so called critical professions for our developing nation..ant this is argued by someone as not good enough?but he over the years in ABIM or goverment or student organisation gained vast knowledge and intelligence about the nation and it's nature of politics that makes him what he is today.
I want to defend anwar as people has been critizing him because of his qualification and his status as ex-ISA detainee..The critics like Khairy Jamaluddin don't even know a thing asa they are still young and don't posseses vast experience in today politics..Talk about him being Abdullah's kronee and just his Special treatment cause BN to loose greatly in the election and Pak Lah's reputation been affected as a whole..
one more thing about Islam Hadari Abdullah's making..
The five years of it's implemention what benefit do we have..?
Is the National Crime Index declining or just no effect on the social vices here..
NO EFFECT at all..!!what nation has looked at us at a role model and make us and Islam hadhari an example or should i sy in arabic QUudhwah Hassanah.?Non at all.i just remember the al- azhar sheikh praising islam hadhari on his trip to here not so long ago.SO islam hadhari is a failure because it fail to intill moral values in todays community as we already have KBSM,KBSR and pendidikan islam???
now i call that a conspiracy of Islam Hadhari's making...
Do you agree???


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