Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well now Tun has abandoned the new umno he build well i can see for the forsaking future more casualties..I can suggest it like a bus full of passengers consisting UMNO members like Puteri UMNO,Putera UMNO,, Pemuda and Wanita alike where Tun Mahathir resignation has send shockwaves to this normally stable Bus( A new one in fact!) where the
driver is Pak Lah and he is under tremendous pressure...I don't want to be him would i?

This resignation in the hightest order of saving his beloved special designed Bus where initiated to Pak Lah's leadership isn't something he just think awkardly and use some childish play nononono game,as he uses his vast experience to overcome this new problem in the wake of BN's defeat in the election.Ku Li whom he challenged to get the president seat and won by a slim majority has repeatly said Mahathir is someone to be aware of as He "Ku Li" has experienced Tun's tactic Like Sun Tze's Art Of War sinonim with China's Rose to Superpower and the fact he Ku Li was kicked out of UMNO after the defeat and the illegal accusation of UMNO lama must have take KU LI by some degree until now he has never regained power outside his backyard, The Gua Musang province..and He is accused of Never helping the state UMNO Kelantan community in the recent election campaign in what was supposed to be "Victorious" turned to be UMNO Kelantan's graveyard(well my site's tag here i borrowed up a bit) and this make sure of KELANTAN's immunity to UMNO influence..execpt to some area's expecially Ku Li's backyard.which is unprenable by National UMNO and Pas Alike.. A Neutral cluster section here??..................................................................................................
NOW Ku Li want to shock the driver of Pak Lah which is unstable and challenge him in the upcoming party president's election.with Mukhriz Mahathir critizing him from the back..I sometimes think when those this president and our PM will take action's against his foes.but then that will expose him to vulnerabilities which his known and "unknown" enemies can attack him so his allies in the party will take action on behalf of him..This statement can't be assured yet as no action is taken and all we heard is talk and talk like kedai kopi one's in my office...

BN as a whole is resulting from this shaken "BUS" by their own casualties like gerakan and mca's lost to keadilan and dap.MIC and PPP on the hindraf issue backfiring on them.and,BN's sabah alliance demanding more seats and power and a potential rebel hunting site for Barisan Rakyat to become the federal government of Malaysia and Anwar,leading it to glory i think....KO for Barisan Nasional 1-0 OK to Barisan Rakyat.Like a boxing tournament.
Well we can see a very interesting poltical senario here developing in Malaysia toppling even those of US elections full of francas.I hope to live to see it... I am still a student so i can be alive to tell this to my grandchildren Insya-Allah.Allah forbid me to take new things
and write new upcoming issues


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