Sunday, March 16, 2008

In 1999, I fight for Tun Mahathir through my AnwarGate website because I was at that time worried that the event unfolding was part of the Freemasons plan under their global strategy to create "The World of Antichrist" or better known as "New World Order".

At the age 0f 24 then and having read too much about the Freemasons and the Illuminati, I was glad to see that the Reformasi Movement finally defeated and we had survived unlike some of our Asian neighbors especially Indonesia. Despite the wave of protests against Tun Mahathir, BN still secure more than 2/3 of the Parliamentary seats and no one had died in any riot.

When Pak Lah takes over the number one post, I have bad feeling in my gut that the Freemasons might come back with another plan. But as I look around the people next to him my suspicion gradually diminished because I told myself there was no one around Pak Lah's cabinet who had similar "signs" of being a recruit of the Freemasons.

All political figures in the cabinet have a profile which makes them highly unlikely to be the representative of the 'the eye of Horus' (the Illuminati Symbol which I found no surprise to see the exact resemblance to the Keadilan logo).

So I closed down AnwarGate and get myself a rest. No worry there.. I mean if they want to create another ‘Anwar’ then it'll probably take a lifetime for another ‘fake politician’ to position himself as the 2nd man of UMNO like what Anwar had done..

Then came Khairy Jamaluddin.. Spending most of his life in outside Malaysia and only been here for a couple of years.

I have to tell you though, I have to give credit where credit is due. Where Anwar has failed in a slim margin, Khairy has succeed in flying colors. Who would think that simply by marrying a PM's daughter will provide a speedier and simpler way to put his self 2nd to the highest office in this nation?

It took almost like a lifetime for Anwar to place himself as major player in the government, but it only took only a few years for Khairy to virtually put himself as the ‘ruler by proxy’ in Putrajaya.

If any Freemasons out there reading this, then I do say my hat off to you guys. You guys have done your homework studying the strongest and weakest point of our Prime Minister and your million dollars investment in studying Human Science is finally paying off in Malaysia. But whereas I do admire the way you have extensively study our Malay’s mind for the purpose of bringing us to our knees, please bear in mind that the fat lady hasn’t sung yet because with Allah as our guide, you haven’t seen the best of us united especially when stood together against those who try to take over our rights.

To all my fellow UMNO,

Knowledge is power and as we prepare ourselves to do what we are about to do for the survival of UMNO and BARISAN NASIONAL, we must also equip ourselves with a better understanding of the real enemies who as we speak, are monitoring our every moves and predicting how our mind works for the sake of increasing their victory over us.

All must be told about the external-forces who travel all over the world and spending billions of dollars to recruit and fund those amongst our race to serve their ambition for the “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (translated as: "A new order of the ages"). In the New World Order, Malaysia shall no longer be ruled by Muslims. Absolute secularism and the teachings to worship worldly possession shall be disguised as equality in meritocracy.

The separation of Faith in governance shall be implemented to inflict the same damage upon our Religious Institution similar to what they had done the Churches in the West. When the time has come for them to fulfill their prophecy, deaths and suffering on all human beings shall be inflicted and then followed by a fake promise of peace to those willing to abandon God and kneeling before the one leader of the world (dajal a.k.a antichrist a.k.a “the all seeing eye”).

The Freemason’s symbol of “the all seeing eye” represents the description of the antichrist they are waiting to take the throne and rule all human beings. The ‘eye’ is singular in nature which fits the description of our own Quranic version of “Dajal Bermata Satu”.

Have you heard the popular phrase of “selling your soul to the devil”? Well actually you can’t sell your soul or go to hell on contractual basis because only God shall judge us of our next place in the afterlife. But the phrase itself is a symbolic reference to those who would make a ‘contract’ with the Freemasons to serve them in return of fame, wealth and power.

If you breached your contract with them then you can expect to be dead in a couple of months, and not only will you be dead, the public humiliation that follows will also put your family in shame for generation to come. So you see, the Freemasons really know how to strike fear into one’s heart.

It’s kind of difficult to point finger of which person are now serving the Freemason. However, servants of the Freemason are said compelled to leave blueprints to their plans "hidden in plain view’. From messages delivered to the masses through the media and films, we are repeatedly reminded by the illuminati themselves that they are controlling us and are omnipresent. There were various symbols to choose from – the Goat Head, the Horned Star, Cross upside down, the Hexagram, the Obelisk etc.

But the most powerful symbol of all is the “all seeing eye” which represents the physical manifestation of an Antichrist. Some also said that the eye also represents Lucifer seeing all and is usually atop a pyramid, the symbol for a top-down command and control system of compartmentalization ((mal ochio = this object is regarded by all Satanists as the symbol of Lucifer.”- William J. Schnoebelen).

It kind of eerie to see lots of Muslims proudly displaying and wearing a symbol so similar to the “eye” nowadays. Whether it’s just a coincidence or not, of all other ideas Anwar can come up with while designing the logo, it makes no sense to me that he choose one which has no relation to our religion and historical background. Even PAS and MCA symbol I can easily relate to compared to Keadilan.

To all my fellow friends in UMNO / BARISAN,

Should we decided to support the notion that Pak Lah should step down from cabinet to save what is left of UMNO today, we must make sure that whatever we do must not aggravate the division in UMNO should Pak Lah refuse to step down. We have to make clear the boundaries of which our conduct and manners shall be dictated.

Since we had already agreed that the roots of the problem is Pak Lah and his son in law Khairy. Then we should avoid hurting too many people which shall caused further division amongst us.

Our top priority at the time being is to politely request Pak Lah to step down voluntarily and not the whole administration. If we bash too many people at the same time then we will risk a “civil war” between all UMNO members and possibly causing division amongst all BN party components.

If we failed to observe our manners, this movement which is now intended to save UMNO will instead act as a catalyst in destroying UMNO. And if we don’t watch our mouth, then we might accidentally touches others sensitivities which can lead to racial tensions.

So please practice proper ethics when discussing or promoting our ideas to others. The idea behind this movement is noble. Should we be able to use our brain rather than our brawn, God willing then that no Freemasons can manipulate us to serve their own agenda.

Well a truly inspiring letter of thought don't you think from a malay UMNO man


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