Tuesday, September 30, 2008

well a long wait here..A long time of me not posting due to examinations and other commitments.. but then who cares?The main fact i am celebrating Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in my country of malaysia.
Now i can say Malaysia is in its worst state of affairs to be honest from the resignation of Zaid Ibrahim the minister of law enforcement to the rebel party of SAPP broken out of BN and causing mass havoc within and without it's party..
well i can say the Anwar Ibrahim deadline of 16 Sept hasn't failed as it says of the obstacles being put by the BN government..and the uncertain UMNO elections date deadline...hehe some party that state of affairs is in to..
and the MCA elections has it's turnings and thrills especially with some sabotage done on Chua Soi LEk...the main culprit in the sex video causing his resignation from the government a not so long time ago..It is said some pictures resembling him is being spreaded to delegates addresses..Well what on earth did they get the adresses from???Some party sabotage i will tell ya...
anyway this raya inflation in malaysia has risen..state monetry affairs has just gotten worst with some Investors pulling out due to the political instability and nonsense policies of the government that isn't so favourable and just cannot compete with other nations aka thailand,vietnam or even Indonesia!!
we pray that the new government will give us a new hope and light without discriminating malays like me.if it happens you don't want to know the consequences it will have on the PR government with the army consists of 90 percent malays maybe?revolting...
weird but possible actions if all is not well in the near and not so foreseeable future
by me ahmad 'ulwan the owner and blogger of this PR3 politic site and i don't want be like
malaysiatoday's owner raja petra kamaruddin in BARS for 2 years..
a happy hari raya aidil fitri eid al-mubarak and we see ya after raya


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