Tuesday, October 7, 2008

about the new horizon awaiting us.

Do we ever wonder what will happen when the pakatan rakyat succeeds in it's quest for power..
Despite numerous allegations of Anwar saying that malay majority is still there and Pas's commitment on it's majority of malay and islam government but i just don't see that happening because the Sabah's and Sarawak's people aren't many Malay as they are bumi's and plus with the MCA's seat in the government makes it all enough to form a government without malay power.That surely is a thought for us to think about...It is not saying i am on his or her side but by the way of the DAP extremists are now wracking havoc and disobeying call and order in the Pakatan with it's HINDRAF shit,BAR council so-called forums with some disarray with his highness the Sultan of Perak about the Menteri Besar's seat i don't see that peace will prevail and Malay special rights will not be stampeded on by the DAP's...But Barisan weak leadership also make me not supporting the present government so i still have to remain neutral and not taking sides..Just a word of thought for me and youl


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